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A Quality Of Mercy


Catalog #: FP1673

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Originally self-released in Australia last year, the concise 8-track album has a stark, raw intensity to it, recorded live off the floor, at Melbourne’s iconic rock’n’roll pub, The Tote and while leaning on the band’s heroes —the Go-Betweens, the Soft Boys, the Smiths— these are songs that never sound like homage or pastiche hitting that sweet spot between light and dark, employing guitars both angular and jangling

All of the songs on A Quality Of Mercy find Vager trying to move beyond ego, beyond the simple confessional of the songwriter, hoping to find perspective on both world and self. In such, these songs are at once personal and universal, intimate and grand, timely and timeless. And there’s eight of them, adding up to a perfectly-formed debut that says so much, yet gets out in under half-an-hour.

Track listing:

1. A Quality of Mercy
2. Cause and Effect
3. IBM
4. Heart Paste
5. Eggshell World
6. Vincent Van Gogh
7. Feral Beach
8. That's All