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Popular Manipulations

Popular Manipulations

The Districts

Catalog #: FP1638

  • COLOUR LP £17.00
  • LP £17.00
  • CD £10.00

The Districts are a band that never stops moving. Popular Manipulations is an accurate representation of how much Robby, Braden, Connor, and Pat have grown, individually and as one solid unit. They’ve fallen in love and had their hearts broken and put back together again. They’re not the young underage band anymore, they’ve stepped out of their comfort zone and have come face to face with things that are so much bigger than them. Popular Manipulations is life in the present. The way Robby belts from the depths of his chest compliments Pat’s crooning guitar while Braden and Connor lock in with a rhythm section so thick you could slice it with a knife. The songs are so visceral and compelling they make you like you’re experiencing every emotion at once. You can wade through the lyrical themes of manipulation, possessiveness, and anxiety or float among their dark and dreamy arrangements. Each song stands alone on its own but the synergy between them as a whole is explosive. Every song is epic and heart-stopping.

1. If Before I Wake
2. Violet
3. Ordinary Day
4. Salt
5. Why Would I Wanna Be
6. Point
7. Airplane
8. Fat Kiddo
9. Capable
10. Rattling of the Heart
11. Will You Please Be Quiet Please