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Cancer 4 Cure Smoked Glass LP

Cancer 4 Cure Smoked Glass LP


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Pre-order - ships from April 15

Iconic rapper and producer El-P, currently known as one half of powerhouse rap duo Run the Jewels, shares the next phase of the ongoing reissue campaign for his full solo catalog; deluxe 2xLP vinyl editions of his critically acclaimed and massively influential albums Fantastic Damage, I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, and Cancer4Cure, in honor of their 20th, 15th, and 10th anniversaries, respectively. Each come housed in a gatefold sleeve on limited edition coloured vinyl, bringing the albums back in print for the first time in years and marking the first vinyl pressing of Fantastic Damage since 2010.

“This is a thank you letter to everyone who has helped and allowed me to live my life doing the music and art i love. to everyone who has been moved in some way by what i do, to everyone who has been listening from the beginning, to those that stuck with me as i changed and grew and to everybody who’s just discovered the music.   

i’ve always focused on the next piece. i’ve always only run to my future. but despite my habit of not looking back much, this year marks the 20th (FANTASTIC DAMAGE), 15th (I’LL SLEEP WHEN YOU’RE DEAD) and 10th (CANCER 4 CURE) anniversaries of the major records in my solo career and it feels good to get them back on vinyl and into whomever's hands might want them.  

but most of all it feels good to just be here. still allowed to do what i love, still thrilled about it in every way.  

so again, thank you.


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