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Tapes #1-3


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Catalog #: FP1644-1

  • Double LP (Blue Vinyl) £20.00

A deluxe repackaging of the early Hoops recordings available for the first time on vinyl. Pressed on two different colour ways - a blue marble pressing limited to 250 copies exclusively available through our store and via the band's Bandcamp, and a white pressing limited to 500 copies available through shops. 

Release Date: Nov 10th 2017


Side A
1. Nothing But Net
2. Be There
3. Courtside
4. Cool 2

Side B 
1. On my Corner
2. Other One
3. John 
4. Grass

Side C
1. 4U 
2. On Top
3. Let's Go
4. LaLaLa
5. Any Day Now

Side D
1. 4UPT2
2. All my Life
3. Underwater Theme
4. I'm Hurting
5. Feeling Fine