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October Song

Lightning Bug

04/24/2020 | FP1745
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Release Description

"A lightning bug glows with the aid of a chemical called luciferin, derived from Latin for "light-bringer". Lightning Bug began as three friends who made music together to bring each other light. The music we make continues to hold that purpose at its heart. The music of Lightning Bug is an attempt to record the deepest experiences in the self and connect them outward." - Audrey Kang

Grounded in a tightly knit friendship and an intuitive musical bond, Lightning Bug's music, an enveloping mix of rapturous shoegaze, longing balladry, and ambient soundscapes, sits at the centerpoint of a creative exchange among songwriter Audrey Kang, multi-instrumentalist Kevin Copeland, and producer Logan Miley. Despite a knack for sonic eclecticism, each Lightning Bug record holds a magnetic sense of cohesion. Lyrically, the songs document Audrey navigating a relationship with her own humanity, memories fraught with joy and pain, and the constant cycle of tension and release necessary in developing self-trust. Lightning Bug's music is then the manifestation of dialogues: a musical dialogue amongst members of a sacred creative partnership and an internal one as Audrey plumbs the depths of her own foundation.

Last year's 'October Song' (released via Marbled Arm) marked Lightning Bug's second full-length offering, the follow up to the largely anonymous release of their self-titled debut 'Floaters.' Earning an 8.0 from Pitchfork and a spot on NME's best debut albums of 2015 respectively, Lightning Bug have emerged as one of the musical underground's most fertile sources for textured worldbuilding and soaring catharsis. Lightning Bug have now announced Fat Possum as their new label home and have released "The Onely Ones," recorded during the 'October Song' sessions, to help ring in the news. Lightning Bug are now recording the follow up to 'October Song' with new members Vincent Puleo and Dane Hagen.

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Track Listing

  1. (Intro)
  2. The Lotus Eaters
  3. Vision Scraps
  4. The Luminous Plane
  5. The Roundness of Days
  6. The Root
  7. I Looked Too Long
  8. September Song
  9. October Song, pt. II
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